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Manufacturing leader in craft canning equipment for the beverage industry. We offer complete and automated solutions to meet your needs.



We design and manufacture micro-canning lines according to the highest industry standards. Discover our equipment to improve your canning production.


We build the highest quality linear canning machine on the market. Counter pressure and atmospheric filling are two technologie...

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The GX Canning depalletizer automatically feeds the canning machine with empty cans coming from the pallet. This equipment push...

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Handle Applicator

Positioned at the outlet of the rinsing station, the Paktech handle applicator automatically places these handles on cans split...

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Rinsing Station

The rinsing station is an important piece of equipment for cleaning and drying the can. Before installing the Paktech handle or...

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About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of micro-canning line for the craft beverage industry. We push industry standards and offer our customers equipment designed for them and adapted to their needs. Our equipment are entirely designed and manufactured at our Lévis plant by a constantly growing team of specialized professionals.

Our mission is to help your business grow by providing quality, reliable and durable automated craft canning solutions. It is by putting forward our values ​​of innovation, transparency, integrity and passion that we are committed to provide machinery at the cutting edge of technology.

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Flagship Products

Here is a list of our bestsellers! We manufacture high quality machines and you need to see them.

What Our Clients Say

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