Automated Canning Line for Production Optimization

Automated canning lines streamline the canned beverage process using advanced automation techniques, ensuring efficiency and consistency.

    Quality Preservation

    GX Canning machines are crafted to maintain the highest level of product quality and shelf life preservation. Whether you opt for atmospheric or counter pressure filling, our machines ensure that your beverages remain fresh and flavorful for your customers.


    With three distinct canning machine models, we offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small-scale operations to larger-scale productions. Our machines are designed to handle a variety of beverage types, including carbonated and non-carbonated products.


    Our automated canning machines are designed to maximize efficiency, streamlining your production process and increasing output. Choose the right model for your business, and watch as our cutting-edge technology enhances your production capabilities.

    Ease of Use

    Our canning machines are user-friendly, making them easy to operate and integrate into your existing production process. Our expert team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience from installation to operation.

    Discover our Products


    GX1000 – Compact Atmospheric Canning Machine

    Elevate your beverage production with the GX1000 Compact Atmospheric Canning Machine, a state-of-the-art canning machine designed for precision and efficiency. As a leading solution in atmospheric canning, this machine is tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern beverage industry.

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    GX1500 – Atmospheric Canning Machine

    In the dynamic world of beverage production, the GX1500 Atmospheric stands out as a paragon of efficiency and innovation. Designed for those who seek the pinnacle of atmospheric canning, this machine is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision and care, the GX1500 is not just a canning machine; it’s the future of beverage packaging.

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    GX2100 – Counter Pressure Canning Machine

    Are you a small to medium beverage producer looking for an efficient and next level way to package and preserve your products? Our counter pressure canning machine may be the perfect solution for you.

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    D10 – Automatic Depalletizer

    In the fast-paced world of beverage production, efficiency and reliability are key. The GX Canning Automatic Depalletizer is engineered to meet these needs, offering a seamless and automated solution for handling bulk cans. Designed for breweries, soda manufacturers, and other beverage producers, this depalletizer is the epitome of innovation and functionality in the canning process.

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    Benefits of Optimizing Canning Systems

    Boosting Profitability and Sustainability

    Optimizing the automated canning line filling and sealing processes is key to minimizing product spillage and material wastage. Geninox’s canning systems lines are designed to achieve these goals efficiently, although the level of efficiency can depend on specific operational conditions. Our automated canning systems ensure precision in filling and sealing, reducing waste.

    • Optimized Processes : Minimize product spillage and material wastage.

    • Energy-Efficient Packaging : Systems engineered to reduce overall resource consumption.

    • Reduced Environmental Impact : Lower resource consumption and waste contribute to sustainability.

    • Enhanced Profitability : Efficient systems lead to cost savings and increased profitability.

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    Increasing Efficiency through Automation

    Geninox’s automation solutions offer significant advantages for production efficiency.

    • Higher Throughput : Automated systems enable higher production rates.

    • Lower Operating Costs : Efficient processes reduce costs associated with production.

    • Flexibility : Handle various can sizes and diameters with quick changeover times.

    • Maximized Throughput : Systems designed to handle high volumes efficiently.

    • Minimized Downtime : Layouts ensure continuous operation with minimal interruptions.


    Customized Production Line Design

    Effective production line design is crucial for optimal canning operations, especially when incorporating an automated canning line. Geninox collaborates closely with you to develop a tailored beverage production line layout that maximizes throughput and minimizes downtime.

    • Tailored Layouts : Our team designs systems to handle high volumes efficiently.

    • Continuous Operation : Ensures minimal interruptions and consistent quality.


    Reducing Waste in Canned Goods Manufacturing

    Waste reduction is crucial for sustainable and profitable canned beverage manufacturing, and an automated canning line plays a key role in this process. Geninox’s fully automated canning solutions are designed to achieve significant waste reduction, although the extent of reduction can be influenced by specific operational practices.

    • Compact Footprint : Efficient design reduces material usage and waste.

    • Sustainable Practices : Automated systems ensure precise packaging, minimizing excess.

    • Efficient Packaging : Systems engineered to reduce overall resource consumption.