GxCanning’s Micro Canning Line – Elevating Production To New Heights With The Right Micro Canning System

Discover the craft canning system of tomorrow, where production meets innovation. Presenting the GX1500, our Micro Canning Line, a robust addition to your brewery or any company in the craft beer industry. Meticulously crafted, this atmospheric canning machine is a testament to seamless operations, elevated production output, and unparalleled seam accuracy.

Ready To Integrate A Micro Canning Line Into Your Operations?

The future of efficient production – Our micro canning system

Embrace the future with our Micro Canning System, designed to seamlessly integrate into your production space. It’s more than just a canning machine; the GX1500 streamlines processes, dramatically reducing setup time and increasing production efficiency. Compact, efficient, and ideal for mobile canning operations, this system is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities.

Interested in enhancing your production with our micro canning system?

Discover the key features of our atmospheric canning machine

The GX1500 Micro-Canning Machine is engineered to streamline your production, delivering high-performance canning operations with an array of features:

  • Six filling heads: Maximizing production with an output of 55 CPM, filling beer cans in a cost-effective manner.
  • Atmospheric filling: Adaptable for flat or carbonated products, perfectly catering to different beverage types in the craft beer industry.
  • Designed for various CO2 levels: It’s the ideal canning equipment for products under 2.8 vol of CO2, ensuring low oxygen pickup and extended shelf life.
  • Versatility with cans: Designed to work with sleek, slim, and standard cans, with a quick and easy changeover to ensure your canning days run smoothly.
  • High-quality seaming system: Our pneumatic seaming system uses high-quality rollers and a chuck, ensuring superior level accuracy in double seams.
  • Easy-to-clean and durable: Full stainless construction and easy-to-clean design, our craft canning equipment is built to last.
  • User-friendly HMI: Our automatic beer canning machine comes with a user-friendly interface providing the best operator experience.
  • Space-saving design: With overall dimensions (without conveyor) of 87in long x 32.5in wide x 85in high, it’s an ideal compact canning solution even when space is a constraint.

The GX1500 is your all-in-one, high-efficiency solution for all your craft canning needs, delivering impressive cans per hour and optimizing your canning operations. Elevate your production process with our craft canning systems, and experience a superior level of product output like never before. Contact us today to learn more about our custom canning solutions.

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The heart of high-volume production – Our micro canning line

Witness the power of our Micro Canning Line with the GX1500. Boasting six efficient filling heads, our system pushes the boundaries of productivity with an impressive throughput of 55 cans per minute (CPM). Its integrated dual lane conveyors ensure a smooth transition of cans at the rinse station, creating a steady and effective filling process. With the addition of our series of twist rinse mechanisms, every aluminum can is perfectly primed for filling.

Versatile and cost-effective canning – Micro canning system

Our Micro Canning System utilizes an effective atmospheric filling system, capable of handling various types of products, from flat to carbonated beverages, under 2.8 vol of CO2. Cost efficiency is a key factor in our design; the efficient operation of the GX1500, combined with nitrogen compatibility, delivers significant cost savings over time. Think big, spend smart, and craft more with the GX1500.

Proprietary features for superior control and efficiency

Our micro canning system is designed to reduce oxygen pickup, ensuring your beverage maintains its intended taste and extends its shelf life. The proprietary recipe recall feature and auto-control functionalities provide the craft beverage makers with the control they need. Our machine also ensures only properly filled cans of beer are sealed, significantly reducing waste and boosting overall efficiency.

High quality, easy-to-clean beer micro canning system

Crafted with top-tier materials, our automatic beer canning machine is built for the long haul. It’s an investment into the craft beer industry that continues to deliver. Offering easy sanitization with easy-to-clean surfaces, the GX1500 is both practical and efficient. With a user-friendly interface, operation is a breeze, requiring minimal training. That’s level accuracy that your staff and your customers will appreciate.

Your trusted partner in the craft beverage industry

As a leading canning manufacturer, we’re committed to providing custom canning solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Our craft beer canning lines and machines, including the GX1500, are designed to elevate your operations, bringing you one step closer to becoming the go-to canning destination.

Ready to take your canning operations to new heights? Contact us today to place an order for the GX1500 micro canning system and experience a superior level of product output. Discover the GxCanning difference and become a leader in the craft beer industry.

Interested in enhancing your production with our micro canning system?

How much does a small canning line cost?

Small canning line costs can range based on specific features and capabilities. An affordable canning machine, such as our craft canning systems, are economical investments for brewing companies, packing value in a compact form.

How does a canning line work?

A canning line, especially when automated, streamlines the packaging of beverages like beer, cider, kombucha, and cocktails. From pallet to packing table, cans are cleaned, filled, and sealed at impressive speeds using conveyors.

What is a canning machine?

A canning machine is essential to an Automated Canning System, ensuring optimal oxygen levels during filling and enabling a superior level product. In the brewing and canning industry, it improves efficiency significantly.

Is home canning cheaper than store bought?

Yes, home canning beverages in aluminium cans can be more cost-effective than purchasing store-bought products, particularly when brewing and canning in bulk. Investment in canning equipment is an essential consideration.

Is canning cheaper than store bought?

Absolutely, canning your crafted beverages at home can be a cost-efficient option. Although the initial investment in canning equipment might seem significant, the long-term savings are considerable.

Why do you turn cans upside down before canning?

Turning cans upside down before the canning process assists with cleaning inside the can. The palletization and transport of the cans allows the insertion of dust and other unwanted residue inside the can. This way, we can clean the inside of the can and at the same time put a code under the can.

What are the two methods of canning?

The two prevalent methods of canning are atmospheric and counter-pressure canning. Both methods have their benefits depending on the type of product, including beer, cider, wine, cold brew, cocktails or kombucha.

What is the best home canning method?

The best home canning method depends on your specific needs and the types of product. Our atmospheric canning lines and craft canning systems cater to various brewing and canning requirements, offering versatile and reliable options.

Are there three methods of canning?

Typically, two primary methods of canning exist: atmospheric and counter-pressure canning. However, some brewers may consider a third method, combining these techniques based on their specific needs and types of product.

Is counter pressure canning better than atmospheric canning for beverages?

Counter-pressure beer canning is preferred over atmospheric canning for beer preservation as it helps maintain the beer’s quality, flavor, and carbonation by minimizing oxygen exposure during the canning process. This method is commonly used in the craft brewing industry to ensure the best possible canned beer for consumers.

What are two high risk products of home canning?

Improperly processed low-acid beverages and beverages canned without optimal oxygen levels can pose a risk. With our quality canning equipment, you ensure safety and a superior level product.