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What is counter pressure filling?


The Counter Pressure Filler, also referred to as an Isobaric Filler, is a machine designed for the purpose of filling containers such as bottles or aluminum cans with carbonated drinks from a pressurized or non-pressurized bulk storage tank without causing a loss of carbonation. This tool is used by manufacturers of sparkling wines, soft drinks, and brews for bottling their products for retail sales. To operate this device, you will require a primary storage tank suitable for carbonated drinks, a chiller, CO2 storage bottles, and a carbonating unit that can either be integrated with the primary storage tank or function as a separate entity.

The counter pressure filler operates by filling the container through a top-mounted filling tube that is fitted with a diffuser to distribute the liquid evenly around the walls of the container and minimize foaming. The center of the tube features a smaller return tube that allows CO2 to escape to the top of the filling tank, thereby enabling more product to fill the bottle.

An alternative, less commonly used method in automated filling equipment due to its cost and complexity, involves filling from the bottom using a long tube that reaches the bottom of the bottle and a crown seal that secures the bottle once it is filled. Both the CO2 and drink supply lines are connected to the filler, and a vent is included to allow for the release of gas during the filling process. Valves on each input and the vent allow you to control the pressure and speed of filling and venting.

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