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Why choose a mechanical can seamer?


It is very common to see, in the micro-canning industry, machines using pneumatic seaming systems. The main reason is that it is an inexpensive system to manufacture. On the other hand, it is not the most reliable system to execute a precise and constant seam. The use of compressed air, to move the rollers towards the chuck during the execution of the seaming, does not offer consistency. For some, this system may be sufficient, but let’s not forget that no high-speed canning machine uses this method. It must be for a reason! GX Canning believes in offering a superior quality system to perform can seaming. After all, it’s not a common operation. This is what guarantees your product will retain its CO2 in the can. A bad seam allows CO2 and liquid to leak out of the can, sometimes several weeks after production. In addition, this method does not spin the can on itself at high speed, greatly reducing the projection of product. Contact us to learn more about our mechanical seamer.

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