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At GxCanning, we understand the heart of every craft beer brewer’s operation – the brewhouse. While our focus is on providing top-notch canning equipment, we appreciate the entire brewing process, from hot wort production in your brew kettle to fermentation equipment and bright tanks. We know the significant role each piece of micro brewing equipment plays, and we’re here to ensure your canning operations are efficient and reliable.

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Features of GxCanning’s craft beer canning equipment

Our craft beer canning equipment ensures the integrity of your beverages, keeping the fresh flavors of your craft beers intact from the stainless steel kegs to the final canned product. Our canning machines incorporate temperature control systems, ensuring that your product is canned at optimal temperatures to maintain its quality.

The size of your operation doesn’t matter. Our equipment is versatile, allowing you to control production volume as your brewery grows. Furthermore, investing in our canning equipment saves your money in the long run, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.

Ready to elevate your craft beer operations with our microbrewery equipment?
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Why choose GxCanning as your microbrewery equipment supplier?

Crafting the perfect brew involves control, precision, and a keen understanding of your brewing method. With GxCanning’s canning equipment, you’ll have all these at your fingertips. Our canning machines are designed for both manual operation and different levels of automation, catering to brewers of all volumes, from nano brewing setups to large scale operations.

GxCanning’s craft beer canning equipment: A key player in your Brewhouse

Crafting high-quality beer isn’t just a process; it’s an art form. Therefore, our advanced canning equipment is designed to become a key player in your brewhouse. Constructed with robust stainless steel, our canning equipment is engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of craft beer production.

Meeting the demand for craft beer with nano brewing equipment

Craft breweries and microbreweries alike are witnessing an increased demand for craft beer. To meet this escalating demand, we offer a wide selection of canning equipment that caters to various production scales, from small-scale brewing systems to larger operations. If you’re a nano brewery looking to increase your production while maintaining the quality of each batch of beer, GxCanning is your ultimate equipment supplier.

Ready to elevate your craft beer operations with our craft beer canning equipment?

Cost and size considerations: Microbrewery equipment built for your needs

Discover the benefits of our microbrewing equipment

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of GxCanning. That’s why we offer microbrewery equipment that aligns with your specific needs and budget. Understanding that the cost of microbrewery equipment can often be a deterrent for budding micro breweries, we have designed cost-effective canning solutions that don’t compromise on quality.

Enhance your sales with automated microbrewing canning equipment

Automation is revolutionizing the brewing industry. With GxCanning’s canning equipment, you can choose the level of automation that suits your operations. Our temperature control systems ensure that your beer is canned under optimal conditions, preserving the distinct taste of your finished beer, leading to enhanced sales and growth.

Sustain your growth with GxCanning’s diverse beer canning equipment range

Whether you are running a micro or nano brewery, GxCanning supports your growth with our wide range of canning equipment. We offer both small and large-size machines that can handle diverse volumes, from individual barrels to large tanks. As your craft brewery expands, we ensure that you have the production equipment needed to scale efficiently.

Discover the benefits of our microbrewery equipment

Learn more about microbrewery equipment and craft beer canning equipment

What is the best micro brew system?

The best microbrew system is one that seamlessly blends advanced beer-making equipment and user-friendly controls, offering both flexibility and precision. Our canning equipment at GxCanning meets these standards, making your brew day smooth and efficient.

How to make a microbrewery?

Creating a micro brewery involves several steps, from crafting a unique beer recipe to setting up the necessary brewing and canning equipment. Advanced beer-making and automatic brewery equipment, such as those offered by GxCanning, can greatly streamline the process.

What is the difference between craft beer and microbrew?

Craft beer is a term for beers produced by small, independent, and traditional breweries, including regional craft breweries and microbreweries. The main difference lies in the scale of production – a microbrewery produces a smaller volume compared to larger craft breweries.

Can you make money with a nano brewery?

Absolutely! With strategic planning, quality brewing and canning practices using automatic equipment, and catering to the increasing demand for batch craft beer, a nano brewery can indeed be profitable.

What is the best micron size for cold brew?

The optimal micron size for cold brew coffee filters usually ranges between 50-100 microns. However, in the context of beer brewing, filter size varies based on specific processes and equipment used.

What is the smallest type of brewery?

The smallest type of brewery is a nano brewery. These operations often use small-scale, art equipment and focus on producing a limited volume of beer, often unique, specialty craft beers.

Do microbreweries pasteurize beer?

Some microbreweries choose to pasteurize their beer to extend shelf life, while others do not to preserve the beer’s fresh flavors. The choice depends on the brewery’s specific needs and the characteristics of the beer they produce.

What does IPA stand for?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale. It’s a hoppy beer style within the broader category of craft beer. Many micro and nano breweries produce their unique versions of IPAs, with variations in flavors and strength.

Is craft beer healthier than light beer?

Craft beer often contains higher levels of nutrients than light beer, but it also usually has more calories and alcohol. As with any alcoholic beverages, moderation is key.

Should craft beer be warm or cold?

The optimal temperature for serving craft beer varies based on the type of beer. However, it’s generally recommended that craft beer be served chilled, but not as cold as light beers. Our canning equipment incorporates automatic control and electronic controls for precise temperature management, ensuring your craft beer is canned at the optimal temperature.