Compact Atmospheric – GX1000

Are you a small-scale beverage producer looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to package your delicious beverage? Our micro-canning machine using atmospheric filling technology may be the perfect solution for you. We tried our best to offer the most compact canning machine while keeping GX Canning high standards in our design and manufacturing of this equipment. Atmospheric filling is the easiest way to fill cans. We use the pressure from the brite tank to feed the filling system. A specialized filling head manage to pour your beverage in the can using a GX Canning patented valve.

To keep price down on this machine, we kept our mechanical seamer aside and designed a word class pneumatic seaming system that will allow to have a constant seaming of your cans. This system is so easy to adjust, you will call your grandpa to operate this machine ! The tooling used on that seamer is also high quality as it comes from a division of Crown. It’s built to last for life. Also, we are having huge positive feedbacks about our secured enclosure and our dripless bottom plate to drain all liquids to the floor drain. That’s why we kept this features on this equipment, making it by far, the best quality micro-canner. All this, for the same price as our competitors.

We know you are looking to streamline your production and need a reliable and efficient canning machine. This compact micro-canner will make your production easy, save you time and be, so far, the best investment of your career.

Efficient and Compact Atmospheric Canning Machine

From 2 to 4 filling heads (approx 18-35 CPM);
Atmospheric filling for flat or carbonated products;
Ideal for product under 2.8 vol of CO2;
Designed to work with Sleek, Slim et Standard cans (Quick and easy changeover);
Pneumatic seaming system using high quality rollers and chuck;
Full stainless & easy to clean;
User friendly HMI with best operator experience;
Overall dimensions (without conveyor) : 63in long x 32.5in wide x 85in high.

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