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Welcome to GxCanning, your reliable partner in the commercial canning equipment industry. We stand committed to enhance your canning process with our diverse range of superior-quality, efficient canning products. From large scale operations to personal canning projects, our equipment is designed for versatility and adaptability, ensuring a seamless experience for all our customers.

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Commercial canning efficiency redefined with our automatic equipment

As pioneers in the commercial canning industry, our automatic canning machines are a marvel of modern technology. These machines have transformed the canning landscape with their unparalleled speed and efficiency. Engineered to seal hundreds of cans per minute, these devices are a testament to our commitment to advancing productivity while upholding our rigorous quality standards. Constructed with the finest raw materials, our machines exemplify durability and strength. Further, their precise application ensures a tight seam on every can, leaving no room for error.

Unlock the full potential of your commercial canning with GxCanning.
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Tailored solutions for all your canning needs

At GxCanning, we strive to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you run a commercial brewery or are an outdoor canning enthusiast, we have the right solution for you. Our extensive selection of equipment includes canning machines, depalletizers and can rinsers for a complete automated canning line. For commercial applications, our automatic beer canning equipment, built for high-capacity operations, offers unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Explore a wide range of commercial canning equipment for your commercial application.
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Ensuring superior strength with our steel and metal commercial canning equipment

Quality and durability lie at the heart of our product design philosophy. Our commercial canning equipment, from robust steel cans to state-of-the-art automatic canning machines, are manufactured using the highest-grade metal and steel. These raw materials, renowned for their durability and strength, ensure that our products offer long-lasting, reliable service.

Streamlining your industrial canning process

Revolutionize your canning game and unleash the full potential of your beverage production! Our dynamic range of state-of-the-art canning solutions will take your process to the next level. From sizzling speed to unbeatable precision, get ready to wow the world with your perfectly canned creations

Unlock the full potential of your commercial canning with GxCanning.
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Avail premium products at unbeatable prices with our commercial canning equipment sale

Looking for top-tier canning solutions without breaking the bank? Our commercial canning equipment sale provides the perfect opportunity. Invest in state-of-the-art equipment at unbelievable prices and elevate your canning process to new heights of efficiency.

Scaling up made easy with our commercial canning line project solutions

Is your business growing? Our commercial canning line project solutions are here to help. Meticulously designed to adapt to operations of any scale, these solutions ensure that you can handle increased demand without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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A comprehensive range of industrial canning supplies for all your needs

Discover our comprehensive range of industrial canning supplies designed to meet all your needs. From advanced canning machines to high-quality canning materials, we provide solutions that ensure efficiency, precision, and product excellence. Trust us to meet your canning requirements and elevate your beverage production to new heights.

Master the commercial canning process with our comprehensive canning book

Feel overwhelmed by the complexity of commercial canning? We’re here to help. Our comprehensive canning book offers detailed guidance on all aspects of the commercial canning process. Covering everything from managing a canning line project to perfecting the application of pressure in pressure canning, our book will turn you from a canning novice into an expert. Welcome to GxCanning, where quality and efficiency are standard in commercial canning.

Explore a wide range of commercial canning equipment for your commercial application.

Learn more about industrial canning and industrial canning equipment

How is canning done industrially?

Industrial beverage canning, encompassing beer, cider, kombucha, and cocktails, employs large-scale automated processes. High-capacity automatic canning machines clean, fill, and seal hundreds of aluminum cans per minute, maintaining efficiency and quality control.

What equipment is used for canning beverages?

The canning of beverages requires several pieces of equipment. These include automatic canning machines, seamers for airtight sealing, aluminum cans, and lids. Our equipment caters specifically to beers, ciders, kombuchas, and cocktails in aluminum cans.

What supplies do I need to start counter-pressure canning?

For counter-pressure canning beverages like beer, cider, kombucha, or cocktails, you’ll need a GX counter pressure canning machine, aluminum cans, lids, and a seamer. A counter pressure canning machine ensures the cans are filled under the right pressure for the specific type of beverage.

Can you make money canning?

Yes, canning beverages can be a profitable venture. Many businesses earn substantial revenue by canning and selling beers, wines, coldbrews, ciders, kombuchas, or cocktails. This process, however, requires substantial investment in commercial canning equipment and raw materials.

What is the difference between home canning and commercial canning?

The primary difference is the scale and the equipment utilized. Home canning typically involves fewer quantities and simple equipment, while commercial canning for beverages like beer, cider, kombucha, or cocktails entails automated canning machines that ensure efficiency and consistency at a large scale.

What are the two 2 filling methods in the canning industry?

Gravity filling: In this method, the beverage is allowed to flow into the cans by gravity, filling them from the bottom to the top. As the can fills up, excess liquid overflows, and the filled cans are then sealed.

Counter-pressure filling: This method is commonly used for carbonated beverages. The cans are pressurized with CO2 before filling to prevent excessive foaming. The beverage is then injected into the cans while maintaining equal pressure, ensuring minimal loss of carbonation during the filling process.

Do you need special equipment for canning?

Indeed, canning beverages requires specific equipment. This includes filling heads (usually using counter pressure filling for carbonated beverages), aluminum cans, lids, and a seamer. Commercial settings often use automatic counter-pressure machines for efficiency.

What PSI is required for canning?

The required PSI for canning beverages depends on the type of drink and your altitude. Generally, most beverages, especially low volume of CO2 like beer and ciders, should be processed at 15 to 20 PSI in a counter pressure canning machine.